Moonlight Desire

$48.00 CAD

We adorned this beautiful candle with sage, tourmaline, abalone, lavender buds plus more! All in a gorgeous gunmetal 14 ounce vessel, that can be repurposed as a lovely planter when your candle Is finished. Each one will vary slightly as they are all individually handmade. 

Inspired by the illustrious Tom Ford fragrance, this spicy fragrance is both elegant and sensual. Aromatic tobacco, creamy vanilla, spicy cacao, tonka beans + tobacco blossoms create a unique bouquet. Dried fruits + resinous woody notes intertwine to create this sophisticated fragrance.

Made with Chinese Ginger Essential Oil and Patchouli Essential Oil

Top | Spices, Tobacco

Middle | Vanilla, Cacao, Tonka Bean, Tobacco Blossoms

Bottom | Dried Fruits, Woody Notes

 Approximately 110 hours burn time