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Intention candles

One thing many of us get wrong when we want to attract our life partner is thinking that everything revolves around the man or woman we want to attract. This new love just needs to walk into our life and it will be all rainbows and butterflies. So, we wait and wait in vain.  Or, we end up attracting someone that is not really what we had in mind all along.

The truth is, attracting your perfect soul mate has a lot to do with your state of being, physically, emotionally, and mentally. By bringing yourself to a state of being that is ready to receive the exact kind of person you want in your life. Self love is the root of finding the love you want to have inn your universe. 

We have created this intention candle all around self love and attracting more love in your life. These crystals are long said to help manifest love and with setting your intentions toward love we hope this candle can send love your way!

Rose Quartz the stone of love 

Aventurine this beautiful green stone this stone can send self love through and are then free to love the world about you and more importantly to receive love from others. 

Amethyst the beautiful purple stone brings clarity and a clearer path towards self contentment and openness yourself to self love.

Fragrance notes are Rose, Vanilla + Cedarwood

8 oz - 45 hours burn


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