Heavenly - Honey & Oatmeal 4oz Window Tin

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This one truly is heavenly! It is reminiscent of home baking and smells so good you will want to eat it! This was our very first fragrance we created and has been a crowd favourite for years. We hope you love the universal comforting scent of this candle.

Your crystal topper is Citrine which is a warm and comforting, energizing stone.

The same wonderful scent as the large 12-ounce Crystal candle but in a smaller sampler size. These are such a popular idea when you want to try one or more from the Crystal collection. This also, makes a great candle to tuck in with a gift basket or bottle of wine

Olfactory Pyramid

Top Notes: Oatmeal , Honey

Middle/Heart Notes: Nutmeg, Cinnamon

Base Notes: Caramel, Vanilla

Your Crystals

⟡ Citrine ⟡
With its pure yellow energy, Citrine encourages the fullness of life, fresh beginnings, and new pursuits.

Natural Citrine does not hold or accumulate negative energy, but rather transmutes, dissipates, and grounds it, making it extremely protective for the environment. It works out problems on both the physical and subtle levels, transforming negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones.

It is one of only two crystals on Earth that never needs to be cleared or cleansed. Citrine can also raise self-esteem, self-confidence and self-improvement while also releasing depression, fears and negative traits.

Candle Details


Small Batch Hand Poured and Hand Embellished with Authentic Crystals

SIZE 4 ounces
BURN TIME 18-20 Hours
Lead Free Cotton
Kosher, Vegan, 100% Soy
No Parabens, Phthlates




Soy candles are made from soybeans, a natural, renewable source grown in many regions by local farmers. Paraffin candles are made from petroleum, which is a nonrenewable source that contains carcinogenic substances. These substances may be released into the air while burning, according to The Daily Green. Using candles made from soy supports local agriculture and farmers, allowing them to make money and grow their operations.

Cleaner Burning

A candle made from soy wax burns cleaner with little soot released as the candle burns. Paraffin candles often create a significant amount of black soot that collects on the jar, as well as on your walls and other surfaces of the home. The soy candle may accumulate some black soot on the jar, but the amount is much less than paraffin candles. Soy candles are also non-toxic, so they won't release toxins into the air as they burn.

Longer Lasting

Soy candles typically last longer than a paraffin candle of the same size, according to Planet Green. The reason behind the longevity of soy candles is the slower burning time and cooler burning temperature of the soybean-based wax. You may pay more for a soy candle initially, but the longer-lasting burn means you won't have to buy new candles as often. Soy wax is also biodegradable, making it an investment that benefits the environment.

Better Scent

A soy candle works well for holding onto the scent from essential oils, which are often used to scent candles. Because they burn more slowly, the scent is gradually released; there won't be an immediate wave of strong scent. This creates a more pleasant atmosphere for most people. 


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