The Heart Chakra is positioned directly above the heart. This is the fourth Chakra, sometimes called the Anahata, it both responds to and helps to shape your capacity for compassion, affection, and love.
Experts view the Heart Chakra as a kind of bridge between thought, emotions, and spirituality, meaning the Anahata or heart chakra is sometimes the most important of all. The heart chakra is connected to all of the following:
Your capacity for empathy, the intensity which you can care for another person. Your emotional openness along with self-knowledge, self reflective qualities and how peaceful you feel.

Some of the most popular stones for the heart chakra include Rose Quartz, Amazonite and Green Aventurine.

 Candle description:9 oz White glass vessel with rose gold lid and decorative box is included. Approximately45 hours burn time.

Heart candle scent: Rose, Cedar, Marjoram 

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