Candle Wick Trimmer

$12.00 CAD

Black matte stainless steal candle wick trimmer is a overlooked necessity while burning any candle correctly. Here are three reasons why this is a must have for every candle lover 

1. Ensures a Healthy Flame Height

A healthy flame height is typically ½-inch to 1-inch. However, when the wick is not trimmed, it can lead to a flame that is too tall (greater than one inch).

Depending on where your candle is placed, this can increase the risk of a fire.

Too tall a flame will also burn your candle improperly. Too much heat will generate from the candle flame, and the candle wax will melt faster.

The increased burn rate puts pressure on the candle wick to accelerate the vaporization of the scent and wax, which leads us to reason number two.


2. Prevents Soot

Soot is released as a byproduct of incomplete combustion when too much wax is pulled through the wick. It looks like black puffs of smoke coming from your candle wick.

This is a sign that your candle wick is too tall. This can be easily fixed by trimming your wick down to the recommended height. 

While candle soot is harmless, it can be an eyesore. Soot can build up and leave black smoke stains around your candle vessel or, even worse, on nearby walls or items in your home. But this, too, can be remedied by wiping off the stains with a dry napkin or towel once your candle has cooled.


3. Achieve Proper Scent Throw

When your flame is too high, it creates more heat within your candle jar. This added heat will vaporize the essential and/or fragrance oils faster, which may lead to a weaker ‘scent throw’ in the later stages of your candle’s life cycle.

You’re essentially burning off the fragrance too fast.

Keep your candle wick trimmed to ensure an even burn and consistent ‘scent throw’ throughout the life of your candle.