How to Care for Your Candle and How to Get a Long Lasting Burn

Caring for your Candles


The first burn of a candle is critical in avoiding tunneling and sets the foundation for how the candle will perform for the rest of its life.

Soy candles have a 30% longer burn time than other waxes. They also have what is called a MEMORY that determines each subsequent burn. 

So, it is really important that the candle stays lit for approximately 3 hours the first time, till the pool of melted wax reaches the edges of the candle.

TIPTrim the wick to 1/4-inch each time before burning to ensure a clean burn and prevent your candle from smoking and creating soot marks on your container. If your candle is forming a mushroomed wick trim to prevent smoking.


Sometimes the wick may need recentering. This is easily done, not by your finger but, by a wick centering tool, or a butter knife works too, by gently directing it back to center.


Do not burn the candles for more than 4 hours at a time to prevent the candle from overheating.

To ensure the most even candle burn, please remove the large crystals during the first light when the wax is soft after extinguishing the flame, using a metal spoon. Smaller crystals are fine to float and stay throughout the duration.

TIP: Ideally, use a snuffer to put out the flame. When you blow a flame, it creates and spreads black ash particles that get stuck in the wax. Then place the lid over the candle until next use.


How to avoid candle tunneling and ensure a consistent burn throughout the life of the candle...

Candle Tunneling happens when the candle burns straight down the centre leaving hard wax around the edges of the candle. This will cause your candle to not achieve its maximum burn hours due to the left over wax which is a huge pet peeve and a big waste of your candle.


There is nothing like enjoying the delicate aromas of our crystal-infused candles. But now that your favourite candle is finished don’t let them be thrown into landfill or sat in recycling. You can still reuse and repurpose them to be used as a part of your home décor. Some ideas are:

Cleaning your candle jar...

Fortunately if you have cared for your candle as suggested you will have very little if any wax left at the bottom of your vessel. If you do scoop out residual wax with a spoon and toss it in te garbage .

 Wash with hot soapy water and peel label off pop the wick tab off with a spoon it should pop off easily.
 We recommend using the above method for cleaning your jars as it’s less likely to break your container than other methods.
 Never pour the melted wax down the drain. It will cool and eventually solidify, clogging up the drain.

So, now that you’ve got a nice clean candle jar, here are some different ways to up-cycle your leftover candle jars...

 Planter for small plants and succulents
 Organizer for pencils, pens, desktop
 Bathroom storage container make up brushes, Q-tips etc
 Still use as a candle holder pop a tea light in
 Or buy one of our refill pouches and pour yourself another one of fabulous scents!