About Us

The relationship between a mother and daughter can only truly be understood by mothers and daughters. They can go from fighting to laughing in a second, but one thing remains constant, their unconditional love for one another. White Aura came to fruition when a mother and daughter brought their lifetime love for candles and each other together. We were inspired to create beautiful handmade organic soy candles with intoxicating essential oils. It was important to not only have them smell incredible, but they had to look beautiful too. We delicately hand select authentic healing crystals to top the lids. Stunning embellishments are then added to decorate the inside of the candles making each candle unique, and no two are exactly the same. We use only the best 100% organic soy wax along with premium essential oils and natural fragrances that are phthalate and paraben free.  Each candle is made in a small batch style and hand poured with love. The warm light of the fire combined with delicate oils and healing crystals make each light a special experience. After your candle is finished, you are left with a lovely keepsake vessel. We truly hope that our candles evoke a positive, comforting, and spiritual experience to your home.