Balancing the energy in your home is an opportunity to fall in love with your space again.

When there is harmony between the elemental influences in a space the room will have a natural feeling of "rightness". By considering which element are currently dominating the space we can then work to either remove some of the dominating force, or add the opposing element in order to release tension. If you want more tips on how to create a tranquil space, check out our blog "Making your Home your Sanctuary".


Snapshot of the 4 Elements

  • Earth: Stable, firm, grounded, prosperity, brown
  • Air: Light, adaptable, clear thought, white
  • Fire: Passion, activity, change, red
  • Water: Purity, transformation, healing, blue


Colour Influence:

An easy way to change the energy in a space. Think about your emotional response to colours and choose one or two that reinforce the type of energy you are looking for. Another way to choose colour is to look at traditional energy associations for colours (red being associated with passion and activity, blue being associated with peace and protection, green being associated with health and abundance, and so forth) and pull in one or two that resonate with the energy you’re looking for. Try the emotional response first, though; your response to colour is more valid for your purposes than general lists.


Plants bring earth energy.

They also have the added bonus of cleaning the air and providing positive energy in general. Stay on top of caring for them, however; dead plants have the opposite effect.


Crystals and stones carry their own native energy as well as being amplifiers for the you inspire.

They are associated with earth energy in general, but each stone has its own energy that you can draw on to help balance the energy of a room. If the room feels less positive or supportive than you wish it to be, try placing rose quartz in it to transform negative energy into positive energy. Use a chunk of amethyst to create a feeling of peace, and so forth.


The invisible influence - Scent:

To bring more Fire & passion into a space warm, spicy scents are the way to go. The scent of cinnamon, nutmeg, star anise and even black tea can bring more fire into your life. A perfect example is our Mystic candle which features empowering cedar bark and spice, such as cinnamon and notes of neroli.

Grounding a space by bringing more Earth into it can bring a quiet that allows for energy stability and greater fortitude. Earthy scents like musks, cedar, and vanilla are go-tos, but you can consider lighter earthy smells like green tea, ginseng, or patchouli. Our Namaste candle with patchouli and white copal is a lovely way to bring Earth into your space.

Airiness can increase the energy in your space and bring a lightness into a dark place. Seek out sweet and fruity scents such as anything citrus, like lemon or sweet orange. You can try something zesty like peppermint to, or you may want to bring forth the feeling of a summer breeze with sandalwood or lavender. It’s all about clarity, light and reflection with our candle Spellbound. Top notes of summer peach and energizing grapefruit, followed by middle notes of cherry blossom and hydrangea.

Healing, purification and peace can be achieved by introducing more Water elements into your space. Traditional scents like myrrh, frankincense, and chamomile carry with them a sense of peace. However, water is always in motion and is open to change, so unique scents like chocolate, blackberry or angelica root. Our Enchanted candle is a perfect blend of classic & modern, with a lovely balance of sage and blackberry.