Arts & crafts are one of the most effective tools in your Self-Care tool box, and also one of the most fun! When we are being creative, and especially when we are working with our hands we use a different part of our brain than we do during the rest of our day. Foraging something beautiful with your hands gives you something physical to focus on, and allows you to disconnect from the hectic world around you. This gives that overworked part of your mind some time to relax and find a healthy balance once again.


Creation as part of Self-Care is NOT about being unique or talented, is it about nourishing your aura so you can balance and renew your energy. This is your safe space to explore, take risks, and remember how to play. Crafting is a treat for your inner child. Often we deny ourselves these silly but enjoyable pleasures because we are too busy or too grown-up for frivolous pursuits – and yet, the child inside of us yearns to let it all out! Cherish that special part of you, parent your inner child with respect and kindness, do not judge these pursuits, it is a chance for inner growth!


Creating a Creative Space


A Big Glass of Water:


Water is the most creative element, as it allows your emotions to flow. It is also necessary for life on our planet! We suggest having a bottle of water readily available while you create, proper hydration will put your body in balance and will help release your Sacral Chakra.


The Colour Orange:


If you don’t know where to start, start with the colour orange! The colour orange reaches a very high vibration, helping you release connections behind creative blockages.




You can place these crystals around your work space, or even use them as weights to keep materials in place.


  • Orange Kyanite: Energizes the Sacral Chakra, ushering in self acceptance and opening your creative flow.
  • Amber: Cleanses and reactivates all chakras. It can help you make decisions and move forward in life, this crystal will help the overworked part of your brain heal.
  • Carnelian: This crystal is all about self-expression, it has a very high vibration that will support and energize the Sacral Chakra.
  • Moonstone: Opens self-expression, inspires the heart which promotes sensitivity, enhances self-acceptance.






Rose: Works to aid your creative space in 2 ways. First, it creates a strong energy that boosts joy and inspiration. Secondly, it improves confidence, self esteem and mental fortitude, for those who struggle with self-doubt during creativity.



Lavender: Produces a calm, relaxing and safe atmosphere that brings inner peace. It encourages honesty and self expression. This is a wonderful scent for those who are using their creative time to work through difficult thoughts.


Jasmine: Embodies optimism, it can fill your space with joy and confidence and improve clarity and focus. Jasmine is a wonderful compromise between the benefits of Rose and Lavender.





Tangerine: Provides energy to your space and helps you bring out your Inner Child. This is the scent of messy, spontaneous creativeness. It allows you to play without judgment.


Orange: Similar but different from Tangerine, Sweet Orange energizes your space and boosts energy, but it also cleanses and purifies. This is an ideal scent for those who seek to refresh their aura.


Lemon: Known as a clean scent, also supports focus, concentration and creativity. The bright smell of lemon is perfect for projects that require detailed work.



Recommended Candles for Creativity:


Sacral Chakra

This candle is designed to stimulate your second chakra.



This candle will aid you if your creative quest is about new beginnings. The Moonstone is kept to light the way on your journey, leaving room for self-acceptance and self-expression. The blend of sweet orange, tobacco leaves and vanilla bean will cleanse and elevate your space. Find Out More.