Crystal healing organic soy candles~ handcrafted Energy Candles.

White Aura Candles

White Aura Candles combines high-quality luxury organic soy wax with authentic crystals and botanicals, intended to provide balance, harmony, and positivity for our customers. Each one of our Crystal candle's fragrance and crystals are curated to work in unison with one another and evoke healing positive energies. Positive Vibes only!

Our candles are handmade in Kelowna B.C.with organic soy and premium essential oils. All of our candles use natural fragrances that are phthalate-free and paraben-free to provide our customers with peace of mind. White Aura Candles hand curated beautifully embellished candles with unique and quality fragrances

Chakra Collection

Introducing Our Chakra candle Collection: These seven main chakras are the energy centers everyone has within our bodies in which energy naturally flows through. If you happen to have any blocked chakras, for any reason, it can often read to sickness and drained energy and sadness among many others. It is extremely vital to understand how to work with the right energies to keep our chakras unblocked. Our Chakra candles are specifically designed to combine colour therapy and aromatherapy into your life. We suggest using our chakra candles to bring greater focus and energy to your lives. Each Chakra candles are designed to enhance specific healing energies. All our candles are non toxic and clear of parabens, phthalates. We use only the highest form of Organic soy wax and luxury oils.

Limited Edition

Exclusive handmade candles available while they last.

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